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2010-07-24 05:59:47 by Giantsockmonster

I haven't been animating for a while due to flash failure, but now i'm gonna start animating a new series called 'Bob the robot'. Needless to say, its about a robot named bob and his random, unfortunate mishaps. I'm going to put alot more effort into my animating so i'm hoping for atleast 3 scores:)

You there...

2010-02-20 14:58:41 by Giantsockmonster

Check this shit out!

Youtube: onster

Formspring: er

Facebook fanpage: kmonster/316440939164?ref=search&sid=1 627253336.3367312664..1

Twitter: (recommeneded)


There you go! keep updated on my stuff! :D

Wait a minute...

2010-02-20 06:42:34 by Giantsockmonster

Almost all of my art submissions are just pictures of me! 0.0

Wait a minute...


2010-02-15 03:51:09 by Giantsockmonster

Now that i've got your attention, i'd just like to say that i'm going to be doing a Q&A on flash with some questions that i get either here or on my formspring account . I dont know exactly how many questions i'll be answering because so far theres quite alot and frankly...i just lack the will power to actually animate EVERY single question i get. Right now there is no deadline, it'll be finished...when it's finished.

EDIT: Wow, i've got quite a few already :| Just keep sending those questions folks! :D


Hey there!

2010-02-11 14:06:21 by Giantsockmonster

I made an account on ANOTHER website, but this ones pretty good.
All you gotta do is ask me questions, thats it! :)
So follow teh link

Thanks! :D

Ok, what the hell.

2010-02-09 12:51:29 by Giantsockmonster

People like 'James0Rocks'.
Why does he like to critisize my 31 flashes when he only has 1? he says that I should learn how to make flash....stupid hypocrit, and hes racist aswell.

This is a message i got recently

2010-02-06 14:44:31 by Giantsockmonster

From: James0Rocks
Sent: 1 hour ago
Subject: Hah your funny.

My flash was x1000 better than any flash you will ever make, stop trying to induce shock effect you fuckin n i g g e r.


Why do these racists insist on making it personal :S clearly they have nothing better to do with their lives.


It makes me feel all tingly inside :)

Making a new series

2010-02-03 13:51:47 by Giantsockmonster

Well, its just a series where i just talk about shit that i think is funny, people may like it...people may not, but i dont care cos im awesome. I could use a good title for it though, something awesome to reflect upon my awesomeness. So help me out.


I'm now a voice actor

2010-01-26 15:06:42 by Giantsockmonster

I'll do voices for whomever requires it